Virtual Canned Wine Tasting

Elizabeth & Wine has an exciting new virtual tasting concept for you – canned wine!  Canned wine is a fast-growing, dynamic part of the wine market which is becoming more and more popular with consumers - particularly for occasions like picnics or train trips but also at home when you don’t want to open a whole bottle.  The world of canned wine is moving forward at pace – more products are coming to market all the time from top producers, offering everything from sauvignon to chardonnay, malbec to merlot - all in the convenience of a can.​

Canned wine is eco-friendly too!  Cans offer a much-reduced carbon footprint for eco-conscious consumers without the stigma of boxed wine.  Cans are more environmentally friendly than glass bottles - because wine is always region-specific, logistics and transportation are responsible for most of the wine industry's CO2 emissions. Canned wines take a chunk out of these emissions with minimal packaging involved and are infinitely recyclable.


A can is the perfect size for one person, which makes it an ideal option for virtual tastings. Consumers are catching on fast - the UK’s canned wine market is now worth more than £3.6m, having increased more than 125 percent in the year to August 2019 and I’m predicting a popular summer for canned wines and picnics!

Join me to explore the world of canned wine via a corporate virtual wine tasting experience (250ml per can) delivered straight to you and your guests’ doors. I will lead your group through an exciting, engaging exploration of this innovative new area of the wine world. I will also give tips on how to pour and taste canned wines, with a focus on ESG principles and how the wine world is responding to the challenge of climate change. Elizabeth & Wine canned wine tastings for three hand picked cans are just £49 per household including delivering (plus VAT), lasting 40 minutes so the experience is great value for teams and client groups alike.

Booking is so simple – just email me!

Email: or call me on 07850 855 818 with your preferred date!