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A Sensational Journey Through the Flavours of English Rosé: The Folc Experience

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Stand out from the crowd.

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary adventure as we delve into the world of English rosé that will leave your senses tingling and your palate yearning for more. Today, we shine the spotlight on a remarkable creation that epitomises brightness, zest, and freshness. Meet the brainchild of Elisha and Tom Cannon, Folc is a blend of nine grapes that is set to redefine your perception of rosé, a nice change from Provence.

Close your eyes and imagine walking through an English garden in the summer. The Folc rosé encapsulates this ethereal experience in every sip. Its enchanting watermelon pink hue invites you into a world where flavours intertwine with the scents of a blooming paradise. You will be greeted with fruity and floral notes reminiscent of red apples, raspberries, and a hint of something truly special.

Sustainability at its heart.

Not only does the Folc rosé wine offer an exceptional taste, but it also embraces sustainability at its core. Elisha and Tom Cannon are committed to crafting their wine in a way that respects and protects the environment. The Folc bottle is made from 100% recycled glass, reducing the ecological footprint. Moreover, all the packaging is biodegradable, recycled, or recyclable, ensuring a minimal impact on the planet we call home.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a leisurely afternoon, or simply savouring life's precious moments, the Folc rosé is your passport to a world of brightness, zinginess, and pure refreshment.

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