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How To Make Your Wine Last Longer: A Fun And Easy Idea

How to stop your wine going to waste...

Worried about good wine going to waste? How can you store your wine to ensure it goes to use?

Wine usually lasts up to one week in your fridge if stored correctly.

But there is a much better way to keep your wine for longer… Freeze it!

Pour your remaining wine into ice cubes trays and place it in the freezer - this step is crucial as the expansion of the liquid can cause the bottle to break or the cork to pop out!

You then have easy-to-use pre-portioned quantities of wine to cook with, so if you are making stew (or any sauce base), just pop out a cube! How handy?

Frozen wine can also be used for cocktails or slushies, such as a Wine Granita or a Frosé! Great summer time go-to’s for dinner parties or BBQ ideas to impress your friends.

Let me know if you use this tip and tag me on Instagram and TikTok at @ElizabethWineGirl, I’d love to see what you

make with frozen wine!


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