Wine Experiences

Elizabeth & Wine wine tastings are a great way to connect your clients and prospects as well as to people together to explore exciting subjects. I deliver original, engaging wine tasting events across a range of formats - from in-person to hybrid and virtual.

There is a multitude of themes that we can explore for your business - together we can create a unique event with a strong connection to your brand messaging. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Diversity and inclusion – winemakers of colour

An exciting and emerging trend, we can explore the work of wine makers of colour from around the world and look at how the diversity agenda is changing and shaping the world of wine. For example, South Africa is famous for its chardonnays, chenin and pinotage - and among the top 10 wine producing countries in the world.


South Africa produces more than 1 million litres of wine a year, but while black South Africans make up nearly 90% of the population, they remain

under-represented in wine industry at less than 3%. What are winemakers of colour doing to make their mark on the industry – and what does the future hold?

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2. Environmentally friendly

A major corporate focus is ESG as the world gets ready for the COP26 UNClimate Change Conference in November, therefore come and enjoy some  ‘climate-friendly wines’ that enable great client debate and discussion around the subject. Myth-bust key terms like ‘what is organic wine?’ I will explain the merits of organic, biodynamic and natural wines - all while tasting delicious climate-friendly wines from leading producers.

3. Women in Wine Series

Showcasing wines made by women from across the world, such as Huia by Claire Allen from New Zealand to Laura Catena at Catena Malbec in Mendoza. Sharing their stories about how they got into wine, the challenges they faced and how they overcome difficulties in a male dominated world. Here are some potential areas we can explore:


Society expects men to ‘know about wine’. 9 times out of 10 the first pre-pour goes to the man. How can women take control and assert their presence and wine knowledge in the restaurant environment when conducting business meetings?

Some people don’t think women know much about wine, but who goes to the supermarket to buy the wine? 7 times out of 10 it’s the woman. I’ll show you how to spend your money wisely and what to buy to impress your friends from the supermarket. 

Men and women often don’t speak the same language - in life and in wine.

So what are the differences between how men and women buy wine, think about wine, talk about, choose and consume wine?


Some classic stereotypes:

''Women like rose wines more than men'

Men prefer red wines, especially heavier more classical styles'

'More women than men drink white wine'

'Women prefer sweeter styles of wine'


My own experience is that these ‘rules’ are a myth - everyone is different and there is no pattern at all for preference by gender.

4. England


Did you know England has over 700 vineyards? England isn’t bound by the same history of regulations and rules that govern the old world – which is leading to the creation of some hugely exciting and innovative wines. Some English sparkling wines are now winning more awards than the French champagne. But how is it possible – and who are the leading winemakers, both male and female? Why are there more women moving to England to make wine than men?

5. Winning new customers with virtual wine tastings


I am now doing corporate virtual wine tastings for the sales and business development teams at several of my clients – with a specific focus on securing new customers via the virtual wine events. 

So how does it work - and how can you acquire new customers with corporate virtual wine events?

The sales teams at my clients send branded invitations via email to the virtual wine event in advance to their prospects (including cold prospects) and collect the RSVPs (we’re finding the allure of wine tends to generate very high acceptance rates – up to 100%!).  

Then my team takes over, sending the wine in advance with corporate branding and a personalised message from the host.  When the event kicks off, I work really hard to develop the chemistry among the group and to ensure everyone is having fun while the business messages are being communicated. I always make sure that the wine theme reflects the corporate messaging my client wants to convey – whether that’s around international expansion, diversity and inclusion or innovation. After the event, each guest receives another bottle of wine and a personalised video from me by way of reminder to reinforce the corporate messaging and to continue the highly tailored experience for your prospects.

Being virtual, the events are highly scaleable and so far every customer I’ve delivered a new business-focused corporate virtual wine tasting for has signed up new business as a direct result of the event. 

Drinking and tasting wine should be fun! 

But all too often it’s intimidating and off-putting, leaving you baffled with industry jargon, waffle, complicated descriptions and snobbery. My wine experiences put the feelgood factor back into wine tasting, training and team bonding. 

Global: E&W operates 24/7 and delivers wine globally.


Keynote speaker / event fee from £999 (plus VAT) for 60 minutes 

Everything can be tailored and chosen to meet your tastes and any dietary requirements.

If you want more expensive wines, then I can fit the price to any budget. I’ve worked with all sorts of clients, from technology companies and SMEs through to financial and professional services brands (L&G, PwC, Santander, HSBC, Paul Hastings, Fried Frank) so I know how to get the tone and the approach right so that your senior people and clients will feel comfortable.


In Person:

2 glasses per person £49 per person

3 glasses per person £69 per person

Add a welcome English champagne on arrival £18 per person

Travel within Central London – 30 minutes included.

Above £145 per hour.