My signature events series, developed specifically with women’s networks and groups in mind. 

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"The women’s movement is gaining impetus with every passing year and Women in Wine is my contribution to this vital effort."

Society expects men to ‘know about wine’. Many sommeliers (80% of whom are male) naturally give the wine list to the man, and ask the man to taste the wine first. 


For my ‘women in wine’ events, we taste wines made by female producers – from Laura Catena’s Argentinian Malbec’s to Anne-Claude Leflaive - Domaine Leflaive all of which is organic, vegan, vegetarian and minimal intervention.


We discuss how women buy, consume, share and taste wine – as well as looking at the different styles and techniques that female producers use to produce their wines and these wine makers are among the world’s very best. We also explore how the next generation of young female wine producers and entrepreneurs will evolve their wine-making styles and what female-produced wines we can expect to be hitting the shelves over the next few years.