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I’m on a mission to transform the world of wine tasting from stuffy, jargon-heavy, intimidating experiences to fun, engaging events which everyone can enjoy and take part in.

I am a qualified sommelier and been an operator in London’s hospitality sector for 15 years. I’ve written countless restaurant wine lists and trained under some of the top sommeliers in the world including OBE Gerard Basset. I founded Elizabeth & Wine three years ago, expanding to deliver virtual corporate wine events back in March last year. Since the pandemic began Elizabeth & Wine has become a global business almost overnight, and I’ve delivered events with guests in Russia, Western Europe, Japan, New York, Singapore and even Ghana. You name the place and we can send the wine.

Elizabeth & Wine creates unique wine experiences for clients, delivering wine experiences and memories that people are talking about for weeks afterwards. My events are about transforming client/team relationships, bringing people together and putting your brand on the map.

I want to help change the wine world and get rid of the snobbery and confusion that can be so off-putting. Good wine knowledge is knowing what to buy when you’re going to a friend’s house, not feeling intimidated when faced with a restaurant wine list.

I also introduce themes into my wine events – such as ‘women in wine’, ‘hidden gems’ or – a key theme for 2021, ‘climate-friendly’ wines. 2021 is set to be the year of ESG as the world gets ready for the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in November. Climate concerns are a key priority for companies and investors - and the wine world is also changing due to climate factors. Discussing the impact of climate change on the wine world. I will take us through the latest wine trends, tell us how climate concerns are shaping what’s in the glass and explain the merits of organic, biodynamic and natural wines - all while tasting three delicious climate-friendly wines from leading producers. 

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