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French Blooms | Low & No Alcohol Wine

Let's explore one of my favourite wine tastings topics, No & Low! It’s seriously exiting - the no and low alcohol sector these days with more new products arriving to the market as a result of much home trial and error.

What makes it so exciting is people prioritise flavour and taste over trend, they’re about indulging in pleasure rather than abstaining from it; they’re made with high-quality ingredients and over the month I will show you more fantastic alternatives drinks to coke, sparkling water and apple juice.

Are you doing #DryJuly? Go alcohol free in July and raise funds for people affected by cancer.

Earlier this month at the London wine fair 2022 I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger #WomeninWine maker, French Bloom. Making a delicious organic french sparkling white and rose no and low alcohol.

Maggie is a model and a few years ago blessed with twins and then realised there aren’t many non-alcohlic drinks on the market that aren't super sweet... Maggie created her own! I could see myself sipping the rose sparkling happily at any party - French Bloom and is available for £30 from Selfridges or direct from the French Bloom website.

French Bloom believes that “wellness is defined as the desire to live experiences fully”, whether that’s clinking glasses across the dinner table (santé!), celebrating a milestone or burning off steam on Friday night. The brand’s non-alcoholic French bubbly lets you do just that without sacrificing any health resolutions. Similar to a sparkling white wine, Le Blanc offers mineral freshness with tropical notes, granny smith apple, citrus fruits and white flowers, says Selfridges.

If you’re also looking to explore the growing world of no and low wines, I’ll host a wine tasting all about it and we can explore to many options from incredible wine makers across the world!


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