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Visit Epice in Franschhoek: A Culinary Journey Through Spice

If you find yourself exploring South Africa, make a beeline for Epice in Franschhoek, a destination celebrated for its unique approach to fine dining.

Charné Sampson, the remarkable woman behind Epice, is not only the chef and owner but also a self-taught culinary artist who previously honed her skills as a sous chef at La Colombe. Charné's cooking philosophy stems from a deep reverence for her grandmother's treasured cookbook. This influence is palpably woven into her dishes, creating a narrative that bridges tradition with modernity.

Epice is nestled in the charming setting of Le Quartier Français. The menu, a homage to Charné's extensive travels, features influences from India, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Denmark, and the US, promising a globally inspired feast with a personal touch.

A standout experience at Epice is the bread and oil, which comes highly recommended for its sublime quality. It's these thoughtful touches that set Epice apart as a must-visit spot on your South African journey.

Remember to save this tip if you're planning a trip to South Africa, and ensure Epice is on your 'Must Visit' list.

Elizabeth x


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