How exactly an Elizabeth & Wine event works...
Let me explain the process to you!

First up, I will take a brief from you as the client. We can agree the format of your event, what you want the outcome to be and what your vision is.  In person events are the most popular but I also offer virtual options as well.  Let’s discuss how many guests you plan to invite, the audience you want to attract, what you want people to go away feeling, and so on


Then, let’s get into the details. I’m equally comfortable hosting at a location of your choice (such as your office) or working with you sourcing a wonderful venue for your event. Would you like a theme – such as ‘women in wine’ (wines made by female winemakers, with a diversity-themed presentation or ESG (climate-friendly wines) – or would you prefer a regional tasting such as ‘Italian wines’. Anything is possible and I can select wines to suit most budgets and entertaining limits.

let's take a look 

There are a few different formats that my events tend to fall into.



My most popular event format. You bring the clients and prospects you want to engage with and I will do the rest – bringing the spark to your event and reigniting those client relationships, filling the room with energy and fun. I can lead the group through a relaxed and accessible wine tasting which also allows for your commercial messages to be landed.​


et your team back to the office and drive employee engagement and retention. I will ship the chosen wines to your office well in advance of the event. On the night we pop the corks and I guide the group through a tutored tasting. If you would like to add grazing boards with cheeses, charcuterie, olives and crackers, I can do that too! I also offer an ‘event fee only’ option for team events where you provide all of the wines and glassware and I arrive to do the tasting with your team. The choice is yours!



Sometimes clients have a dinner planned where you want a wine expert, or a drinks reception planned where you just need someone else to work the room and entertain the guests. I’m very happy playing this role for my clients and I will seamlessly fit into your team and represent your brand with professionalism and fun



Sometimes it’s just about getting a small, often very senior group together. I have relationships with some of London’s best wine bars and often use their private rooms to deliver tastings for small groups.

I offer hosted day trips for you and your clients to some of the UK’s finest wine producers – just 90 minutes from London on the train and we can be sipping sparkling wine together looking out over the vines. The events include a walk through the vines, tutored tastings, lunch (options range from barbecues to fine dining) plus a bottle for everyone to take home. I can have your group back to London before 6pm having spent a magical day with you.

I also host globally from Prosecco to South Africa.

Either for corporates or you can join trips when they are running. Just drop me an email



I have hosted virtual wine tastings regularly from California to New York, Hong Kong to Japan to Europe and Australia. Virtual events are a great way to connect global and regional, clients, teams and prospects. I send full bottles of wine (and cheese/charcuterie if desired) to everyone in advance of the tasting and we all dial in via Zoom at the appointed time. All you need to do is give me 3 weeks’ notice on addresses, set a time and a date and away we go – I’ve hosted groups simultaneously across different continents and timezones and shipped wine to guests in New York, Hong Kong, Ghana, Australia, Japan, South Korea and more

pick your experience

Not every wine tasting needs a theme – but they do add fun and a direction for the conversation to naturally go in. Here are some fun themes that I like – but I can work with almost any theme – the only limit is your imagination!

Net Zero


Take a walk in the Garden of Eden by discovering some of the world’s first truly net zero wines with no climate impact. World class wines but produced in a way that has a fraction of the climate impact.



Meet the female winemakers blazing trails in the industry – find out how they make their wines, what perspectives they bring to the sector and let’s talk about diversity both within the wine world and in terms of how female consumers choose, buy and talk about wine

The New


New wine-producing regions are gaining prominence including Canada, China and of course the UK! – so what are the wines like? What makes the ‘new new world’ stand out and what can we expect in future​



of colour

Explore the work of winemakers of colour from around the world and find out what types of wine they are making? What challenges did they overcome to get where they are today?​

let me help you

Here are some venues I work with and we can hire private rooms or semi private spaces.

Corkage is anything from £10-£15 a bottle. 



  • Ham Yard Hotel

  • The Union Club

  • Groucho Club

  • House of St Barnabas

  • 10 Cases Bar

  • Humble Grape

City of


  • Anthologist 

  • Cheese Leadenhall Market

  • Borough Wines

  • Davy’s wine bars

  • Gerkin

  • Searcys Champagne Bar

  • M restaurant

  • Goodman’s restaurant



  • Rail House

  • M Restaurant

which is the event for you



Client Events

Team Events

Attending Existing Events

Small Groups

Vineyard Visits

Virtual Tastings

£149 per person

£149 per person

One-off fee: £949

One-off fee: £499

Event fee: £1499 (Logistics and attending on the day)

UK: £149 per person

Global: Event fee + £999 (Contact me for a quote)

all unique to you

8 - 1000+




for virtual events