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Come and join


I'll be your personal sommelier - for just £65 per year!

Do you ever find yourself in the supermarket staring at the wine shelves wondering what to buy?


Do you keep buying the same wine over and over again?


If you want to expand your wine horizons and build your confidence, subscribe with Elizabeth & Wine and let me become your personal sommelier!  



per year

Become a Subscriber


  • Personal invitations and FREE tickets to my seasonal wine and food showcase on 4th April 2023 - Worth £100

  • Regular updates on my supermarket wine recommendations and alerts when supermarkets are reducing the prices

  • Regular email of my top ten wine recommendations (constantly evolving and you’ll be the first to get the updates)

  • Advance booking access for my international trips

  • Your personal sommelier – Email me for wine recommendations and I'll help you create the perfect dinner party

  • 10% Off my unique seasonal wine boxes delivered to your door ready for Christmas and summer parties

  • Book an Elizabeth & Wine event in the next 6 months and get 10% Off


The Elizabeth & Wine subscription costs just £65 a year as a one-off payment.

The subscription auto-renews but can be cancelled by you at any time (no refunds available for the current year).

Sign up by clicking here or sending me an email asking to be added to the list!

It’s as easy as that!

I can’t wait to become your personal sommelier!


Love, Elizabeth x

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