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48 Gresham St, London, EC2V 7AY

Cabotte Wine Bar & Restaurant was founded by two Master Sommeliers with extensive London restaurant experience.

An incredible venue that promises French cuisine paired with a unique wine list, offering traditional dishes and modern twists.

The restaurant is named after the small huts that Burgundy winegrowers have within their vineyards. The restaurant was designed by Rosendale Design and feels like a traditional local bistro in the French countryside.

The Jeroboam Room has sit-down dining space for up to 18 guests or can cater for groups of up to 40 in a  informal standing environment. The Magnum Room can seat up to 11 guests, and has the stunning Eurocave backdrop and window into the kitchen pass - their very own Chef's Table.


Total £3,900 for 20 people

(+12.5% service)

• Room hire £750 - £3,000

• £52pp 3-course meal

• £80pp X5 glasses of wine

*Prices are a guide and subject to change

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