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Discovering Corney & Barrow Wine Merchants: Affordable Luxury in Wine

As one of the UK's oldest independent wine merchants, Corney & Barrow has an impressive 240-year legacy in the world of fine wines. But let's challenge a common misconception: wine merchants aren't just about expensive bottles and bulk purchases.  In fact, my Elizabeth & Wine curated selection from Corney & Barrow starts at £9 (UK average is £6.50) and you have the flexibility to buy a single bottle or more, including mixed cases.


Affordable quality for every occasion:

My suggested picks mostly range between £10 and £20 per bottle, with the most luxurious choice topping out at £38. This price range is testament to how merchants like Corney & Barrow are evolving to compete with supermarket offerings, bringing quality wines at more affordable prices. The list below includes my favourite sparkling, whites, and red wines that I love showcasing in my corporate wine tastings and also enjoy at home.


Corney & Barrow: Where my wine journey began...

Corney & Barrow holds a special place in my wine journey. Post-university and my hotel management program, I landed a job in the city working with Corney & Barrow bars. This was where my love for wine truly blossomed. I still use them as a wine partner today, valuing their commitment to quality and their support of fantastic small independent producers. However, I don’t have any special commercial relationship with C&B today and I don’t receive any money from them for recommending their wines – everything in this article is my own opinion!


Delivery service

Corney & Barrow offers delivery starting from £12.50 and they do ship single bottles, so that’s something to consider if you’re looking beyond the supermarket ranges.


Quite full-bodied with excellent acidity and a really distinctive bruised-apple flavour. A good mouthful of flavour, great value for Monday. 


Looks very respectable. Clean and light on the nose. Good biscuity, well-balanced appeal on the palate. Great value for money! 



Certified organic.Rich start yet really tense finish. Truly exciting wine with admirable structure. That 'burnished metal' flavour of wines from these parts. 


For New Zealand fans this will hit the spot. Very very light coffee-cream flavour and very slight sweetness. 


Smoky nose and very tense on the palate. A fantastic Sancerre, I recommend.


Attractive label – not a supermarket bottle! Something quite honeyed and floral on the nose. A nice change from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc? Great wine, crowd-pleasing. 


Mineral with only the slightest hint of canned asparagus. More guts and character than most New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. 


The oak is not overdone. Creamy and satisfying – especially at this price. Lemon and salted-lemon flavours. Fun and interesting.  

L'Aurage 2018 Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux Rich and satisfying – provided you don't need your claret to be austere. Definitely late-picked and with the exuberance. Lots of fun! 


Lots of fruit and supple tannins. A crowd pleaser. 


Very leafy nose. But classic Cabernet that's appetising and not overdone nor too sweet. Appetising and long finish!


Lots of intense fruit - masses of flavour packed in here!


Real pure Tuscan tang. Great purity. Light-bodied with a fair bit of acidity and light tannin but this would be great with so many dishes! 


Sweet and charming with guts and structure.


Bittersweet dried-cherry flavour. 


Nicely balanced. A good buy for lovers of classic claret. Just becoming approachable but no sign of ageing. 


Smart label. Transparent cherry red. Fruit and a good crowd pleaser. 


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