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Date Night In: Bringing Barolo Home

Updated: Apr 10

With the cost of eating out rising all the time, many of you have been asking me what to drink on a special night in – be that a date night, a movie night or just to mark the start of the weekend. I love this! I believe in creating memorable culinary experiences right at home, like a succulent steak for two paired with an exquisite bottle of red wine. This combination could easily set you back more than £300 at a restaurant thanks to the cost of ingredients and the mark-ups on wine (upwards of 75%!). Many of us simply can’t afford it!

So, why not bring the luxury to your own dining table? You can enjoy world-class wine and gourmet food at home without the restaurant price tag. For example, a sensational bottle of red that might cost around £200 at a restaurant can be enjoyed at home for £40.

Tonight's Wine: Barolo!

Ever had the pleasure of tasting Barolo? This red wine hails from Piedmont, Italy, and tonight, I'm uncorking a particularly stunning bottle: the 2018 Franco Conterno Barolo DOCG Pietrin, which I picked up for £40.00 from Vino Fandango. Barolo, the 'King of Wines', is celebrated worldwide as one of the most prestigious wines. It's a title well deserved, thanks to its rich history, complex flavour profile, and meticulous ageing process it undergoes.

What's on the Menu?

This regal Barolo will be accompanied by an aged Galician steak, perfectly roasted mushrooms, vibrant Spanish tomatoes, and a fresh side salad. It’s a match made in heaven.

Wine Shop Spotlight:

2018 Franco Conterno Barolo DOCG Pietrin - £40.00 from Vino Fandango

Wine Wisdom:

Barolo Fun Fact: Did you know? Barolo must be aged for at least 3 years, with two of those years in wood, contributing to its depth and complexity.

Grape Variety: Nebbiolo

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Tasting Notes: Expect a symphony of orange, and red fruits, delicate florals, and a captivating hint of tar.

Ideal Food Pairings: This Barolo sings when paired with red meats, wild boar pasta, bold blue cheeses, and creamy risottos.

And, a golden rule from a wine enthusiast: never spend less than £20 on a bottle! It's a guideline that steers you towards quality.

Elizabeth x


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