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How to Make the Ultimate Aperol Spritz

Ready for some bubbly, Italian-style indulgence? Let's craft the perfect Aperol Spritz with these straightforward steps and kick the fun into high gear!


1. Start with a stylish wine glass, because we're about to elevate our cocktail game. Remember, the more flair, the better!


2. Next up, chill to the max. Fill that glass with ice because we're all about keeping that Spritz super cool!


3. Pour in the star of our show, Aperol! A generous 50ml of this brilliantly orange liqueur should do the trick. Get ready for that colour to invite you into a world of irresistible sipping!


4. Now, prepare for a harmony of flavours. Splash in another 50ml of Prosecco, our bubbly wonder, that brings our cocktail to life. Cheers to all the good vibes!


5. Top it all off with 50ml of soda for an extra fizz that'll tickle your taste buds and make your heart flutter with joy!


6. Last but certainly not least, adorn our drink with a fresh slice of orange. It's not just a garnish; it adds a touch of zest to our Aperol Spritz!


Voila! You've mastered the art of the Aperol Spritz, a cocktail that hails from the heart of Italy's Veneto region. It's THE ultimate summer drink – ideal for BBQs, parties, or those tranquil poolside days.


Let's delve into some fun facts about the Aperol Spritz:


1. This delightful concoction dates back to 1919, thanks to the genius of the Barbieri brothers from Padua, Italy. The Aperol Spritz was designed to be a tantalising palate teaser before meals, and it's remained a favourite since!


2. The star of our cocktail, Aperol, is a vibrant blend of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona – a real flavour party!


3. Forget potent spirits; the Aperol Spritz keeps it light with an ABV of just 11%. It's the perfect drink for a relaxed evening, letting you sway to the music without missing a beat.


4. Served in a wine glass or an elegant goblet, the Aperol Spritz is a sight for sore eyes. Plenty of space for ice, fizzy soda, and a zesty orange slice makes for a cocktail that's as visually captivating as it is delicious.


5. It's impossible to resist a trend as fun as the Aperol Spritz. Social media went gaga over this vibrant cocktail, with #AperolSpritz flooding feeds with pictures of this orange beauty.


6. Aperol Spritz is the embodiment of aperitivo culture – a pre-dinner gathering with loved ones, clinking glasses filled with this brilliant cocktail, and enjoying mouthwatering bites.


So, join me on the Aperol Spritz express! It's like holding summer in a glass, and every sip is a mini getaway. Here's to sun-filled days, unforgettable memories, and the enchanting Aperol Spritz!


Elizabeth x



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