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What is the difference between Prosecco & Champagne?

Can you tell your Champagne from your Prosecco? There are five differences between the two fizz varieties that make them quite different from each other - it’s not just about price.

The 5 differences are: Where the grapes are grown, the grapes used to make the wine, the method of making the wine, the price and finally, the taste.


1. Grown in Italy, North of Venice.

2. Made with Glera grapes.

3. Made within 1 year in a tank system.

4. Usually £7-£15 per bottle.

5. Taste with fruity notes of peaches and sorbet.


1. Grown in France, just North of Paris.

2. Made with chardonnay, pinot noir or pinot meunier grapes.

3. Takes up to 24 months to make and is fermented in the bottle.

4. Usually £35+ per bottle

5. Tastes of brioche with a more toasted, smooth and rounded flavour.

Did you know the different between Prosecco & Champagne? Well, you do now!

I recommend these two great examples of the two fizz varieties:

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Elizabeth x


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