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A 'Women in Wine' event at Lady of the Grapes in Covent Garden

We took over the London wine bar Lady of the Grapes, that champions female winemakers and I hosted an exclusive event for 35 women of the Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP and what an evening it was! It was a fantastic evening, both informal and energetic celebrating women in business and wine.

The crowd-pleasing bottle of wine from the evening was a white wine called Furmint. Furmint is a unique and versatile wine native to Hungary, mainly grown in the Tokaj region. It is the primary grape used in the production of the famous Tokaji Aszú dessert wine – which is delicious but sweet wine’s have gone out of fashion and today should be enjoyed with dessert wine at special occasions. Furmint wines offer a delightful combination of complexity, versatility, and uniqueness that makes them a great choice for wine enthusiasts seeking new and exciting tasting experiences. Furmint wines have a remarkable depth of flavour and complexity, with a wide range of fruit, floral, and mineral notes. Such as pear, quince, green apple, citrus, white flowers, honey, and a distinctive minerality, often attributed to the volcanic soils of the Tokaj region. This wine has exciting racy acidity meaning it has great aging potential to allow the wine to develop more complex flavours with a deep golden.

This is a unique wine worth searching the supermarket shelves for, look for the bottle with the long skinny neck. Furmint rarely grows outside of Hungary, giving the wines made from this grape a distinctive character that is hard to find in other regions. This uniqueness adds to the allure of Furmint wines. Recommended food pairing: a wide variety of dishes, from rich, savory meals to light summer salads and cheeses.

We enjoyed Oreg Kiraly, from C&B. All the guests were blown away by the quality and were so surprised by this stunning Hungarian alternative which is different from their usual New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

My Top Tip:

Keep an eye out for this wine at Drake & Morgan bars in London 'Egy Kis Dry Furmint Barta 2020' where you'll be able to try and buy it for yourself.

Be sure to let me know what you think!

Elizabeth x


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