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A Corporate Day Out at Mercedes Benz World

I recently organised a corporate event and wine tasting for my client EssenceMediacom at the world-famous HQ of Mercedes Benz World.

This corporate event offers clients and team members an unforgettable experience less than an hour from Central London.

The EssenceMediacom team and their clients experienced a thrilling track day at Mercedes Benz World, where participants enjoy the excitement of driving high-performance AMGs on the track. On arrival, guests are treated to a warm welcome with brioche bacon rolls, homemade pastries, and personalised cupcakes, creating a delightful and personal start to the day.

Experienced Mercedes drivers provide a comprehensive track briefing, ensuring that everyone is well-prepared and ready to make the most of the adrenaline-filled morning. Participants have the opportunity to learn valuable driving skills from these experts, adding an element of fun and learning to the experience.

After the morning session on the track, it's time for lunch on the terrace designed around a summer-BBQ theme, offering a wide range of delicious dishes. Guests can indulge in salads, salsas, halloumi burgers, chicken, tortillas, and salsa, creating a feast of flavours. Chandon Garden Spritz, a refreshing and popular beverage, is served throughout the lunch and provides the perfect accompaniment to the BBQ buffet. My guests loved Chandon Garden Spritz so much that they placed orders for next-day delivery to their homes while they sipped!

To elevate the wine-tasting experience, the event also features a selection of sparkling wine, rosé and red. Magnums of Château Minuty rosé et Or Côtes de Provence, which add an elegant touch to the occasion, while the red of Catena Malbec offers a satisfying finale with its rich red flavours. The wine tasting is tailored to the preferences of the guests and can be customised based on a chosen theme or selected from my list of curated wine-tasting theme ideas.

The venue of Mercedes Benz World provides a stunning backdrop for the event.

With a maximum capacity of 22 people, this corporate day out offers an intimate setting for team bonding and client entertainment. The combination of thrilling track experiences, delicious food, and bespoke wine tastings ensures that this event is both impressive and unforgettable.

For further details about creating an exciting event like this for your clients or team, visit my website or get in touch via email to Elizabeth at

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