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The Alchemist, Copenhagen

Alchemist is a holistic cuisine restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. It's a 2 Michelin star restaurant with an out of this world dining experience by chef Rasmus Musk. The Alchemist Experience is 6 hours long and involves your whole body, it activates all five senses through theatre, art, science and technology.

The experience consists of 50 bitesize dishes called ‘impressions’ and is set across 5 rooms and it is the most immersive experience with high concept dishes and a robust wine list.

You’d think after 6 hours, you’d be bored or exhausted but there is nothing boring about anything inside this restaurant. The Alchemist is a spectacularly visual and engaging experience with music, drama and gastronomy, so much that my husband and I hardly spoke throughout the evening because we were so involved with each and every element of the evening.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Alchemist Experience, I highly recommend that you do! It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it did not disappoint.


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