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Does putting a spoon in your sparkling wine help the fizz last longer?

It is common for people to put a teaspoon in the top of an open bottle of sparkling wine, as it's believed to keep the bubbles for longer so the wine can be enjoyed for a few days... but is this true?

Sadly, no - it is a myth.

A teaspoon in your open bottle of sparkling doesn't make any difference. Unfortunately, a spoon won't stop your Prosecco or Champagne from losing its fizz and won't keep it fresher for longer as the spoon does not stop the bubbles from escaping from the wine and continues to let oxygen in.

“In 1994, the spoon trick was put to the test by Prof Richard Zare, a chemistry professor at Stanford University, California. He asked a panel of eight amateur tasters to judge the fizziness of champagne poured from 10 bottles. Some had just been opened, while others had been left for 26 hours with either nothing or a spoon made of either silver or stainless steel in their necks. The judges weren’t told how each bottle had been treated. The conclusion: none of the spoons had any real impact on the fizziness – a finding later confirmed by the professional association of champagne producers in France.” - Science Focus

So, how can you protect your bubbles for longer?

I recommend investing in a Champagne stopper - usually, you can pick these up from around £5 in the supermarket. This will help ensure your fizz holds its bubbles for as long as possible so you can enjoy your fizz over a few days.

My top tips for keeping your fizz fresher for longer:

  1. Get a Champagne stopper

  2. Keep your fizz in the fridge


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