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Event Management by Elizabeth & Wine

Did you know that I specialise in organising and coordinating events?

With my experience, I help create and coordinate unforgettable experiences of all shapes and sizes. Yesterday, I celebrated the success of my most recent event, which left those who attended inspired and motivated.

The event, held at the prestigious One Birdcage Walk in Westminster, provided a perfect setting that complemented the theme of 'Sustainability & Net Zero.' The event hosted 200 individuals, with an influential mix of professionals, leaders, and decision-makers. The lineup of speakers and ambassadors was nothing short of exceptional. From the ambassador of Italy to esteemed CEOs and ministers from around the world. The event boasted an impressive array of voices committed to driving sustainability initiatives forward.

I'm passionate about planning and attention to detail in each aspect of any event I'm involved with. From seamless logistics management to flawless execution, I ensured that attendees experienced a smooth and enjoyable event from start to finish.

If you have an upcoming event, whether it's a small-scale gathering or a large-scale conference, let's work together and bring the vision to life.

Simply reach out to me via email at, and let me help you create an unforgettable event that leaves a lasting impact.


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