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Guilia Negri – Barolo girl

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The modern women in Barolo, Giulia who is embracing smart ideas and not letting traditions hold her back to make the best Barolo.

Giulia bet everything on Barolo, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, on the highest ridge of the Land of Barolo in 2013.

She doesn’t have the experience from the father or grandfather making wine but that gives her the freedom, with no pressure from the family and when she see’s something smart she does it and doesn’t have to consider the past or traditions.

Young Barolo girl is about not stopping themselves from using new barrique or big barriques or what they might need to make amazing wine, the idea is that there is no pressure changing. That there’s the space to move forward and not fearing change so Giulia can improve the wine and make steps in a short time.

Whilst her father use to sell wine, wine to Giulia use to be just a product like sunglasses, shoes. It was in Burgundy when she realised the potential of wine and what it means to her. Giulia has an extraordinary palette, spiritual and connected to the movements of the moon, which influences all the living things on earth including when wine is best to taste.

Yesterday was a great day or tasting wine at Corney & Barrows head office at St Catherine’s Dock, the wines were showing well and we sampled seven wines from Pinot Noir, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo and four Barolos from 2018 including one Barolo poured from a magnum vintage 2013. Only 600 bottles of the magnum was made and it was an honour to taste. This wine was hard to make as everything was done by hand, from destemming to making the wine. 2013 was a cooler vintage making for a classic style of Barolo that can be austere, methanol and balsamic. Here she picked the best grapes from different vineyard and in her opinion this wine can continue to age.

Barolo is the wine of terrior, the other three Barolos were from three different plots with three different soils – clay, sand and limestone this reflects how the wine tastes from fruity to sweet/salty. Barolo is enjoying climate change as it’s the longest ripening grape in the vegetal cycle. 20 years ago there were only 1 or 2 good vintages, in the past 10 years they have all been good to great vintages as the grapes are enjoying the warmer weather. 2018 vintage is creating wines with finess and elegance, very enjoyable to drink now.

Her 6.5hc vineyards neighbour the last standing forest in the area standing 12.5hc, fantastic for biodiversity and a healthy vineyards. No monocultures, lots of cross pollination and now she makes honey as has so many bees and last week spotted a wolf, slightly worrying for her two dogs.

It is worth visiting Giulia especially in truffle season when you can hunt truffles and this is the last forest with chestnuts in the area too. Giula practice organic farming and in the next few years will cellar.

Giulia is a talented and ambitious women and makes fantastic wine.


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