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Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Tea | Copenhagen, Fortnum & Mason

Copenhagen non-alcohol organic sparkling tea!

Perhaps I’m mad, but I’m a huge fan of organic sparkling tea! Why? Because I love the taste and you know when you leave the tea bag in too long you get the residue around the cup? Well, that creates the tannin taste you expect from wine. I love Copenhagen's Non-Alcholic Sparkling Tea! It's a great one to try for #DryJuly.

I personally prefer this to non-alcoholic wine and I can’t drink every day - sadly.

The Copenhagen brand have partnered with Fortnum and Mason to create their own blend and is affordable at only £17.95.

The combination of Nordic innovation and Asian tea traditions is inspired.

Fortnum's say, “Based on 13 different teas. Jasmine, white teas and darjeeling give a Highly complex taste, which develops on the palate. Starting with delicate aromas of jasmine, followed by a fresh and soft expression, thanks to the white teas, and finished off with a more deep and dusty character, thanks to the darjeeling. Complimented by the carefully adjusted bubbles. Innovative Non-alcoholic Organic drink.”


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