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Supermarket Champagne Review: ASDA Louvel Fontaine Champagne Brut

I found one of the most affordable bottles of Champagne I've ever come across in ASDA for only £18, but would I buy it again?

I loved this bottle of fizz! It’s a new go-to for sure.

This wine has a beautiful yellow-gold colour and delicate fruit and brioche notes on the nose and doesn’t disappoint on the palate – it is lively with racy acidity and is a clean fresh finish.

It's an absolute delight for only £18, I’m really blown away by its affordability.

Unsurprisingly, Louvel Fontaine Champagne Brut has won multiple awards including IWSC Bronze Winner 2022, Decanter World Wine Awards Bronze Winner 2022 and International Wine Challenge Bronze 2022.

Not only is this wine an affordable Champagne that looks great, but it can also double up well as a gift bottle of wine to take to friends’ houses.

I’d recommend serving this wine nice and cold (between 6-8 degrees, straight from the fridge).

I definitely recommend picking up this bottle of wine on your next trip to Asda, let me know what you think via TikTok or Instagram: @ElizabethWineGirl


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