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Visiting Savignola, Tuscany, Italy

Savignola is a winery nestled amidst nature, embracing the unhurried rhythms of Tuscan life. This boutique female-led winery based in the heart of Chianti Classico since 1780 has a small five hectare vineyard and an annual production ofapproximately 22,000 bottles.


The appellation "Savignola" traces its roots back to Etruscan origins in the early seventeenth century. With dedication from countless generations, this winery has evolved stone-by-stone from a cluster of family farms into the award-winning vineyard it is today.


This quaint spot now stands as a testament to history, housing Savignola’s winery, agriturismo and a restaurant, balancing tradition and innovation to ensure the winery remains a sustainable and authentic representation of the Chianti region.


In 1950s and 1960s, Paolina was the first woman in Chianti to package her Riserva in Bordeaux-style bottles. Her legacy continues to inspire the practices and ethos of contemporary Savignola.


Today, Savignola is under the capable stewardship of Manuela and her husband Luzius. The female-led mindset extends throughout the organisation, with strong women at the helm of both the hospitality and winemaking offerings at Savignola. 


The modest scale of the vineyard plantings enables Savignola to craft wines that faithfully mirror the microclimate of the hillside and the character of its deep clay and chalky soil. The unique terrain demands year-round persistence and detailed care to guarantee ideal conditions for producing wines that have quality, elegance, culture and authenticity - built to stand the test of time.

Elizabeth x


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