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Wines Favourites: September 2023

When it comes to the world of wine, there's an abundance of choices to explore, I’m here to help and here are the wines I enjoyed throughout September. From crisp and zesty whites to elegant sparkling wines. Tesco Finest Picpoul De Pinet - £9.50 from Tesco

Zesty lemon and lime with a refreshing crispness that pairs perfectly with oysters and seafood.

Another great example of Picpoul, perfect wine to start the evening with. This is a classic wine from the Languedoc region and gaining popularity.

A stunning sparkling with that is all about the fresh fruits and bright acidity. Ayala is a winery I recently visited owned by the Bollinger and is headed by female chief winemaker Caroline Latrive. Pairs well with salads and fresh fish.

Known as "the sister Champagne to Bollinger" with elegant, refined bubbles. It's expressive with citrus fruit and white flower notes. Pair this wine with white fish, shellfish, poultry or a cheese platter.

One of my favourite English vineyards to visit on Elizabeth & Wine days out with corporate clients. With sourdough, magnolia and lily notes with a hint of smoke over red plums and apples. This is a stunning example of English sparkling wine.

Another English vineyard that is a fabulous day out with Elizabeth & Wine. Exton Park's English sparkling rosé is a delicious dry blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Pinot Meunier with white peach and floral finish. Enjoy with chicken salads, summer fruit salads and fish.

I recently visited Savignola Winery and their Ora is a Chianti Classico DOCG is a must to try if you get the chance. Red fruits, violets and herbs. Enjoy with a pizza with pepperoni!

On my blog and Instagram I've been sharing my 'top tips' for wedding wines and one of my favourite tips is encouraging people to serve wines from South Africa as they're incredible quality, easily accessible and their flavours and finishes are outstanding. I highly recommend wines from Creation, like this Chardonnay for example. A full-bodied white that's generously fruity with a subtle spice with an excellent balance and a lively, lingering aftertaste - the perfect white to impress at a wedding.

I love wines from Romania and another 'top tip' from my saving money on wedding wines blog is to explore wines from Romania, they're stunning and amazing value. Zana is a gorgeous medium-bodied Sauvignon Blanc with passionfruit, tangerine and gooseberry flavours. I actually served a Romanian wine at my wedding!

Another Romanian wine to try and to go for if you prefer Pinot Grigio whites is Sorcova. With grapefruit and peach aromas and notes of melon and apple with a citrussy acidity. This wine is perfect with Thai food or Malaysian-style dishes.

I've been sharing my favourite wines to enjoy with the love-it-or-hate-it wine cocktail trend, Rosé Szn - Japalenos in your rosé. One of the best rosé to enjoy this with is Barefoot Pink Moscato because its juicy sweet flavours cut through the harsh chilli and create a surprisingly delicious pairing.

Like the Moscato, Mateus is another rosé that brings your glass of Rosé Szn to life that's bursting with juicy strawberry and peach flavours. Enjoy this wine with a curry!

In my Rosé Szn taste test video, the Barefoot white zinfandel was the match made thanks to the glass of fruity flavours and being lightly medium-sweet in style with notes of raspberry, strawberry and watermelon.

So as I discovered... The no-go when it comes to Rosé Szn is using a dry rosé light Mirabeau Pure rosé This is because this Provence style rosé is elegantly dry and doesn't cut through the heat of the chilli and the dry mouthfeel on the palate. This wine is better to be enjoyed on its own as the easy-drinking rosé it's known for.

Elizabeth x


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