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Fakes & Frauds Event at Cafe Murano - Law firms love this theme!

I enjoyed hosting a 'Fakes & Frauds in Wine' event recently for cybersecurity consultants S-RM at one of my favourite London restaurants, Cafe Murano.

With 40 female guests from law firms and cybersecurity from London in attendance (and having just celebrated 'International Women's Day'!) the theme also encompassed 'Women in Wine'.

Cafe Murano is the perfect E&W event destination with a fabulous space for plenty of guests, sharing tables of Italian food by Chef Angela Hartnett, and fresh flowers on the tables. It was the perfect Spring-like theme for the event.

To find out more about E&W events (or my event management services) head to my website or drop me an email/text.

I'd love to host an event for your team/client, so check out my list of 'Inspiring Venues' across London for inspiration.

Elizabeth x


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