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National Tea Day: My Non-Alcoholic Go-To

My non-alcoholic go-to is made from tea #NationalTeaDay!

Today is National Tea Day and the perfect time to celebrate my favourite non-alcoholic drink of choice, Copenhagen Sparkling Tea.

Tea is amazing as a non-alcoholic alternative because it gives similar flavour profiles to wine.

Sparkling tea is a type of tea that is infused with carbon dioxide to create a fizzy, buoyant texture similar to sparkling water or soda.

One of the benefits of sparkling tea is that it is a healthier and non-alcoholic option that still provides a celebratory/festive feel. It can be made with a variety of teas, such as black tea, green tea, herbal tea, or fruit tea, and can be flavoured with different natural ingredients such as fruit extracts, spices, and botanicals.

This particular ‘Sparkling Tea’ available from Fortnum & Masons is the creation of Copenhagen Sparkling Tea and is inspired by the combination of Nordic innovation and Asian tea traditions made with a blend of high-quality organic delicate white teas and full-bodied black teas.

It’s a refreshing 0% non-alcoholic sparkling drink with intricate flavours and notes of tropical fruits, lemongrass, water mint and a long-lasting hint of jasmine on the finish.

I recommend serving and enjoying this beautiful bubbly beverage chilled in a flute. Why not pair it with smoked salmon and paté - or Fortnum’s recommend it with their Melton Mowbray Pork Pie!

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