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Screw Cap And Sustainability

True or false - A bottle of wine with a screw cap is cheaper than a bottle of wine with a cork?


Sustainability in the wine industry has become a hot topic around the world in recent years as the

growing, making, bottling, selling and storage of wine all have environmental impacts. Winemakers

are making bold moves into their environmental responsibilities as producers.

One of the conversations of sustainability in wine is around how a bottle is closed; should it be by

screw cap or cork?

“A screw cap bottle means it’s a cheap, budget wine” is a common myth!

Did you know that screw cap bottles are gaining popularity in the wine industry and for good

reason! They’re so much more eco-friendly and sustainable than cork closures.

Screw cap bottles are the smarter, more sustainable choice for many reasons, including:

1. They reduce carbon footprint

2. They help preserve wine quality

3. Wastage of the wine from cork contamination is prevented

4. They help reduce deforestation - as cork production involves extracting cork bark from cork

oak trees.

5. Screw-caps can not only be recycled but can also be made from recycled materials

6. You can reseal them with ease, without having to own a stopper

7. Let’s face it, they’re so much more convenient to open

Although all the information above makes screw caps look like they should be the go-to for the

wine industry as a whole, the choice between screw caps and cork depends on factors such as wine

style, ageing potential and consumer preferences.

The wine industry is forever exploring various bottle closure/sealing options to help balance

sustainability, traditions and wine quality.

But the question is, do you prefer a screw cap or cork opening to your wine?

Would you not buy a wine because it had a screw cap?

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