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World Tapas Day: My Wine Recommendation

Tapas & Wine! #WorldTapasDay 

Do you love tapas? Me too!

A traditional Spanish appetiser that goes perfectly with wine. But which wine should you drink with Tapas?

These small savoury plates go perfectly with Rioja from Spain, like this Beronia Reserva from Waitrose. 

This particular Rioja is a medium-bodied red wine with juicy black cherry fruit and earthy notes of leather and coconut. Rioja has a long-standing tradition of being served alongside tapas in Spain and comes from the Tempranillo grape.

Why does Rioja work so well with tapas?

This grape produces versatility in wine with varying levels of fruitiness, oak influence, and complexity. This allows Rioja to pair well with different types of tapas, adapting to the flavours and textures of the dishes.

The acidity and smooth tannins in Rioja wines deliver a good balance when paired with tapas as they can help cleanse the palate between bites. The acidity in the wine can also cut through the richness of certain tapas, providing a refreshing contrast.

I love enjoying tapas in the heart of Spain, particularly San Sebastian and Barcelona. You traditionally enjoy tapas as an appetiser in a sociable setting over wine. In the restaurant, you'll collect a cocktail stick for each tapas dish and another for each glass of wine. When you've finished, you take your cocktail sticks to the bar and are charged €1 per cocktail stick - you've enjoyed a cultural culinary experience with wine for only €10, how incredible is that?

Was £14.99, now only £11.99 (Offer ends 04/07/202)


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