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A Bubbly Afternoon: Summer Spritz, Whites & Rosés at The Otherist, London

Yesterday, I hosted a fabulous wine tasting lunch for an Elizabeth & Wine showcase. We sipped on delightful summer spritzes, whites, and rosés, enjoying the sunlit ambience of this chic London hotspot.

The Otherist Bar was the perfect venue to showcase my must-drink summer selections. Its trendy décor and inviting atmosphere created a beautiful backdrop for a memorable afternoon.

Our Chandon Spritz, from Argentina (Majestic £22.99) was a hit, taking us on a summer adventure. Next, we savoured a zesty Verdicchio from Italy (Asda £7) embodying the essence of summer – fresh and vibrant.

The rosé selection featured the elegant Château Leoube, a Provence rosé with strawberry and rose petal notes, reminiscent of a sun-soaked French picnic. We couldn't help but discuss London's incredible rooftop bars and hot restaurants, such as 14 Hills, Jin Bo Law Skybar or The Rooftop at Trafalgar St James. These venues offer chic spaces, delicious menus, and breathtaking views.

If you missed my wine tasting lunch, stay tuned for more events and tastings on my LinkedIn page and sign up for my newsletter with more information on all these wines. Let's raise a glass to a summer filled with laughter, fun, and exceptional wines! If you want to book a wine tasting with me drop me an email at


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