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An Unconventional Italian Feast: Breaking Wine and Food Pairing Rules

At Lina Stores at Bloomberg Arcade, a partner of a law firm decided to treat their team to a corporate thank you dinner. But this wasn't just any ordinary dinner. It was an Italian feast filled with delicious flavors and a twist on traditional wine and food pairing rules.

Aperitif: Embracing the vibrant Aperol Spritz as the attendees arrived. This Italian cocktail from the Veneto region proved to be a delightful choice. Made with Aperol, Prosecco, soda, and a slice of orange, it was a refreshing and eye-catching drink. Aperol, with its bitter-sweet taste derived from bitter orange, rhubarb, and herbs, provided a perfect balance. The low alcohol content and refreshing nature made it an ideal aperitif, stimulating the appetite before the Italian feast began.

Breaking the Rules: White wine with fish and red wine with meat traditionally. But on this exceptional evening, the boundaries were pushed. It was a journey of breaking the rules, as long as it was done well. Wine and food are all about balance, and the team was about to experience the joy of enjoying red wine with fish and switching between red and white wines.

Pasta Course: Perfect red wine companions for the pasta course featuring ragu and ravioli, two red wines from central Italy were served. First, the Cesanese Superiore 'Silene' from Damiano Ciolli in Lazio. This light to medium-bodied red wine with its bright ruby colour offered fruity flavours of red cherry, raspberry, dried roses, and herbs. It beautifully complemented the burrata-filled ravioli, with its acidity cutting through the richness and creating a harmonious experience. The second red wine was the Chianti Classico from Rocca della Macie in Toscana. With its medium-bodied nature and hints of cherry, violets, and spice, it was a match made in heaven for the tomato-based ragu with egg pasta.

Main Course: Red and white wine pairing as the main course arrived, large grilled prawns in garlic took centre stage. Continuing with the Italian theme, both red and white wines were poured. The white wine of choice was a medium-oaked chardonnay from Cantina Terlano in Alto Adige. Its brilliant light straw yellow colour and exotic fruit flavours of quince, passion fruit, and mango brought a refreshing balance to the dish. On the red wine side, a unique choice was made with the Etna Rosso Passopisciaro from Sicilia. This airy and elegant wine, with its red and black berries, tannic grip, and crunchy volcanic minerals, showcased the terroir of Mount Etna, where the grapes grow in cooler conditions due to the altitude and coastal winds.

The thank you dinner at Lina Stores at Bloomberg Arcade was more than just a corporate event; it was a celebration of breaking the rules and exploring the exciting possibilities of wine and food pairings. From the vibrant Aperol spritz to the unconventional combinations of red and white wines with various dishes, it was a culinary adventure that showcased the versatility and diversity of Italian wines. The night proved that rules are indeed meant to be broken, as long as it's done well and leads to an exquisite dining experience.


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