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Beguiled by Banfi

Searching for a truly sustainable wine? Look no further than Banfi in Tuscany, Europe’s first certified sustainable winery (since 2016). This is a winery underpinned by science, innovation and a clear vision, all led by Christina Mariana-May, a third generation winemaker and an inspirational woman in wine. So what makes Banfi’s wines so sustainable and so special?

Well, this is no cottage operation – Banfi works on a serious scale and is all the more impressive as a pioneer of the sector for that. The winery produces fine and rare examples costing thousands while also putting great bottles on our supermarket shelves for under a tenner. It was the first producer to use lightweight bottles in Montepulciano (since 2009). Indeed, since 1978, Castello Banfi has led production volumes in Tuscany – today it is a true empire of Italian wine, with 10 million bottles produced each year and over 800 hectares of property. What Castello Banfi does both reflects on and sets the standard for the world of Italian and Tuscan wines.

Brunello is therefore one of Italy and Tuscany’s most prestigious wines and it is in the Brunellos where perhaps the most direct and clean expression of the winery’s style can be found. Banfi Brunello comes from different vineyards (200-350 metres above sea level) and spends time ageing in wood (70% large barrels).

It’s perfect to drink as the seasons are changing, being a lovely autumnal red and is very accessible for the consumer, even those who aren’t ‘natural’ red wine drinkers. Majestic stocks a very tempting Banfi for a shade under £20 for those who are interested.


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