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Bodega Numanthia

Recently I had the privilege of meeting the winemaker Lucas Lowi from Bodega Numanthia, enjoying a vertical tasting of his wines from different vintages and from different vineyards. A fantastic dive into Bodega Numanthia as these wines are collectors items - so I felt privileged to be sipping whilst enjoying the gracious hospitality from the team at Hispania (a Spanish restaurant by London’s Bank tube).

Bodega Numanthia is located in Spain’s Toro region, the wines are crafted from the fullest expression of Tinta de Toro, made from some of the world’s oldest vines. This is a less common Spanish grape but a pure delight to drink - and old vines are now very fashionable. Just like a recipe, wine is only as good as the ingredients. Old vines are pedigrees and, in a world where the planet is warming up and we have drought and rising temperature old vines are strong, resilient and have a natural method to survive.

Toro is a special corner of Spain, even Christopher Columbus recognised the unique beauty of Toro wines – they were the ones he chose to bring around the world. What a great choice!

Originally from Mendoza Argentina Lucas allei moved to Spain and is producing some outstanding red wines. You can find vines here planted by the Romans over 200 years ago and they yield is smaller than that of dessert wine from the famous Chateau d’Yquem. The reward is in the wine with low yield, concentrated berries, fruit forward, striking freshness and delight.

In order to reduce their carbon footprint the winery operates organically and is reducing the weight of their glass bottles they have reduced the weight from 1.2 kg to 850g in 2019 and will be bringing this down further.

Impressively Bodega Numanthia holds the wines back 7-8 years before release so it is ready to drink when it reaches you!

Absolutely fantastic news, as who has the space or patience to keep wine for 7 years before drinking?

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