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The ultimate summer cocktail: ‘Chandon Garden Spritz’

Chandon Garden Spritz is an innovative product that is pushing boundaries, having been in the making for 4 years.

Ana Paula Bartolucci, the head winemaker from Argentina, joined Chandon six years ago and was tasked with making something revolutionary in the spritz market. Ana has developed an incredible premixed spritz that respects the grapes, balances the fruit, and retains the natural fruit purity with just the right note of bitterness.

To create this unique spritz, Chandon add peel from Valencia-style oranges, sourced from Northern Argentina. The leftover orange juice goes to local schools, giving 800 children fresh orange juice daily, and the pulp goes back into the land as 100% certified organic production. In the recipe, along with the wines and oranges, you will find cardamon, mint, eucalyptus and cinnamon.

This is Ana's 64th protocol, and it took her four years to make this stunning refreshing drink, which I will certainly be sipping this summer.

For me, the perfect serve would be Chandon Garden Spritz poured over ice with a sprig of rosemary, and a slice of orange. For winter, I’d replace the rosemary with a cinnamon stick.

Food pairs really well with this product because of the spices. I’d suggest Thai, Italian, Japanese, BBQ or cheese.

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