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King's Coronation: My top Three Favourite English Sparkling Wines

How are you celebrating the King's Coronation? I'll be drinking something cold and fizzy for sure!

Another bank holiday weekend with lots to celebrate with the King's Coronation, whether you are joining a street party or picnicking in the English countryside here are my three favorite English sparkling wines to enjoy this weekend.

1. Nyetimber has made a new limited-edition bottle of Classic Cuvee MV - £39.50. Classic Cuvee is their signature style of sparkling wine: a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier that perfectly balances elegance and intensity.

2. Morrisons English Sparkling Brut Vintage 2010 - £18.00. This is another amazing English sparkling wine and I love the fact it's a 2010 vintage which means the wine has lots of bottle developments and tastes like brioche, toast, and nuts with fabulous acidity. Outstanding value!

3. Asquith Gardens Traditional English Sparkling Wine - usually £16.00 from ASDA. Currently on sale for £12.00 and buy six and save 25%, making it ideal for larger parties! This multiple award-winning wine has notes of citrus, red apple, and honey with a long biscuity finish.

What are you drinking this weekend? @Instagram and @TikTok


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