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London in the Sky with Freixenet

Dine in the sky, literally! I was invited to the most unique and fun experience with Freixenet that I highly recommence. But hopefully you’re not afraid of heights? Why? Because you’re having lunch, dinner or high tea craned up 100ft in the the sky about the O2.

The ‘London in the Sky' concept is a Belgian based novelty, a restaurant service hoiked up by a crain in the air with a fun and entertainment team playing 90’s and 00’s music you can sing along too. But don’t drink too much, as you’ll have to hold your bladder for 90 minutes whilst dining in the sky.

Sat in cool and comfortable seating like the kind you’ll find on rollercoasters, but don’t forget to hold onto your phone whilst you photograph the wine, food and the view because remember, there is nothing underneath you apart from your seat and a 100ft drop.

Whilst eating lunch we experienced 4 seasons, sunshine, winds and rain - whilst we’re raise 100ft in the sky. So dress for everything and anything, we’re in England after all.

It’s an experience I think everyone should try! It’s a real unique afternoon and perfect for corporate events. So why not try it with me on a corporate wine tasting?

I’ll stand the middle and pour wine to 30 guests, giving you the Elizabeth & Wine in the sky experience, telling you all about exciting wines which we’ll pair the with the wines on at the most unique wine tasting you’ll ever attend and your team will love.


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