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Modern wine in Argentina with Bemberg Estate and Goodman's steak

Updated: May 12, 2022

Argentina is famous for Malbec, the great red wine that we love with steak - but today, Argentina is more than just Malbec. The quality of wines coming from Argentina really turned a corner in 2014-2016. These vintages were unusually challenging years for Argentina - the weather was cool, rainy and relatively cold making the winemaker’s job much harder. With many Argentinian winemakers simultaneously moving away from using oak to concrete eggs or large barrels, they have changed the nature of the extraction process and suddenly the sense of place shines through.

As a result we are finding wines with finesse - this is a really exciting time for Argentina and the makers are treating the fruit with respect to produce genuinely elegant, refined styles.

Bemberg is a premium family-run wine estate in Mendoza making extraordinary Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with chief winemaker Daniel Pi cited as one of the best Argentine winemakers by master of wine Tim Atkin.

Goodman’s is one of the city’s favourite steak restaurants and the excelled on the day with one British and two french steaks.


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