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Whales to wine in South Africa

Hermanus - the whale watching town, south of Cape town by 2 hours makes fabulous sauvignon blanc - chardonnay and pinot noir - cabernet sauvignon wine, due to its location being further away from the equator and proximity to the ocean therefore it’s cooler.

The closest winery to the water Benguela cove and one of the most impressive as it has a lagoon right in the front with a mountain backdrop. Every vineyard here in South Africa has impressed but here at Beguela cove Walker Bay this this stood out for its incredible mix of nature coming together.

Johann Fourie, cellar master, took me around and they plant four different grape varieties from Sauvignon Blanc, chardonnay, pinot and cab sauvignon blend which grows very well here surprisingly with the average annual temperate similar to Bordeaux and both regions have a mass of water close by.

The facilities here are grand – it’s a wedding destination, hotel, children play area, bar, plus many tastings rooms. Definitely worth a visit, lets not forget the art with the ‘Faith’ art sculpture made in bronze standing 7m tall in front of the winery by Anton Smit.

World class Pinot and Chardonnay from across the world like France and California fetch high prices, South Africa is a hidden wine gem offering outstanding quality and value. What is most unusual is Johann making sparkling wine with sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and pinot noir. Johann has been developing wonderful sparkling that has been resting on the les for 3 years creating this gorgeous fizz called Joie de Viere meaning in Joy of life and is 70% chardonnay 30% pinot noir. Available in the UK from - £24 great value for money.

Plus a more affordable and playful sparkling Sauvignon which blew me away, I loved it. Who would have thought it and it has a diamond logo for £18.

Bengula cove has also set up in the UK making English sparkling wine, in Horesham. And they are the first in the UK to plant pinotage a SA native grape.


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