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Wine Favourites: Summer 2023

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

As we approach the end of another wonderful summer filled with wine adventures and discoveries, let’s raise a glass to the fabulous bottles that have brought sunshine and sparkle into our lives!

Have you experienced the unique flavours and aromas of any of these wines before? If so I'd absolutely love to hear your thoughts, impressions, or even your own summer wine recommendations.


An Argentinian wine with punchy dark cherry and blackberry that pairs perfectly with grilled meats and vegetables.


A beautifully biodiverse vegan wine. Lifted notes of blackcurrant leaf and passionfruit with tropical notes on the palate with luscious lime and fresh herbs; a vibrant, crisp finish.

A stunning Spanish wine to drink with apple, pear and citrus notes to enjoy with smoked foods, seafood, white fish and rice dishes.

A light and crisp white wine – best enjoyed with blue cheese, spicy dishes and seafood.

A peachy and fresh seaside wine with citrus notes of lemon, limes and apples. It's the ideal partner for seafood such as octopus or clams.

An exceptional example of Albariño with notes of lemon peel, white peach and honeysuckle, offering a silky mouthfeel with lively acidity.

A vibrant and aromatic full-bodied white wine with complex aromas of blossom, lilies, lemon, aniseed, pear, apple and a subtle spiciness.

A well-balanced wine with a touch of saltiness, eucalyptus and citric notes - the ideal companion to fish and seafood dishes.


A versatile blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Tibouren with hints of citrus and red fruits. My go to!

A blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah with sharp notes of citrus fruit, white flowers, white peach and grapefruit. A splurge – but well worth the money.

A full-flavored rosé Malbec with strawberry and red fruits. A wine that goes perfectly with smoked salmon, shellfish, pasta, cheeses and salads.

Summery flavours of pink grapefruit, red florals and cherry.

A floral rosé that's perfect with deli meats, fish, white meats and cheese.


A summer favourite with vibrant strawberry and floral notes - so fresh, with a gorgeous mouthfeel.

A delicious Champagne that bursts with flavours of ripe fruits and velvety butteriness. White fruits, delicate nuts, juicy peaches.

The “new Aperol spritz”, premixed. A perfect aperitif blend of sparkling wine infused with a crafted blend of locally sourced oranges and secret herbs and spices. It’s vibrant with citrus flavours and botanical essences. A perfect day drinker!

A stunning Prosecco with rich notes of apple, hazelnuts, rosemary and mint.

Rustico has aromas of flowers and pear. A soft and delicate wine that's beautiful as an aperitif with finger food.

A gorgeous example of DOCG Prosecco with pear and delicate floral notes that pair perfectly with fish-based appetizers, pasta or rice dishes - as well as meat dishes and mushrooms.

The perfect wine for a toast, with apple, peach and honey. A crisp and refreshing fizz with a hint of sweetness. Good value for money.

Elizabeth x


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