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Hosting Wine Tastings in Washington, DC

I recently hosted a wonderful in person wine tasting in Washington DC! 

I was so excited to be invited to host a wine tasting for the new graduate intake at the Washington DC offices of global law firm Cadwalader. It was a great opportunity to meet more the next generation of talent coming through at Cadwalader. 

My chosen theme for the wine tasting was ‘sustainable wines’ and what wines should we be buying today in terms of sustainability and environmentally-friendly production. We explored four different wines from across the world, the first of which was a Prosecco superior from Conegliano Valdobbiadene which was a huge success!

Many people find champagne a little too acidic, whereas Prosecco stops the fermentation early, allowing for natural sugars to stay in the bottle, making it easier to drink. Conegliano Valdobbiadene is a UNESCO world heritage site with such steep mosaic steps that everything has to be done by hand and they don’t use any sprays or chemicals. 

We also tasted a natural Qvevri amber wine from Georgia, where Eastern Europe meets Asia. Georgia has been making wine for 8,000+ years and are among the best in the business with their natural and technology-free methods. This amber wine is a dry wine with notes of apricot and peaches and it goes perfectly with nuts, herbs and bread.

In-person events are very much back on the agenda, so if you've got a corporate event in mind, please get in touch with me via


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