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Everything Glassware: My Collection And Recommendations

My wine glass collection and glassware recommendations for wine lovers.

I'm a wine lover so I do have a lot of glassware - but you don't need this many! The must-have glass you need in your collection is a typical white wine glass - a tulip glass. This glass can be used for white, rosé, red and fizz too. In fact, a tulip glass is actually the go-to style of wine glass for winemakers in Prosecco and Champagne!

However, if you love wine and glassware like me and you do want to invest in more glasses for your collection, here's a little guide on which glasses I'd recommend.

Wine glasses I recommend for building a collection at home:

  1. Tulip Glass for all styles of wine

  2. Champagne flutes for sparkling wine

  3. Wide bowl glass for red wine

What is your favourite style of glass in your glassware collection and have you got a glass you've got your eye on to add to your collection next?

Let me know via TikTok or Instagram: @ElizabethWineGirl


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