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A how-to guide to opening a bottle of Prosecco

How to open a bottle of Prosecco? Here is your how to guide!

1. Before serving, chill your sparkling wine so it’s nice and cold! Ideally between 6-8 degrees.

2. Locate the dot or tag on the foil top, remove this and reveal the cork cage.

3. Make sure the bottle isn’t facing your friends, a window or your favourite vase!

4. Put your thumb over the cage and twist it to loosen the cage and remove it carefully. Always ensure you’re in contact with the cork - just in case!

5. Make sure your hand is on the cork, hold the bottle by the neck/middle and twist.

5. Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle.

And Twist the bottle, not the cork!

7. To slowly release the cork. We ideally want to make the least amount of noise at possible. Big explosions are saved for the Grand Prix. Personally I want the bubbles in my glass. So quieter the better.

8. Then… Voila! Bubbles galore.

9. Pour gently and slowly, holding the glass at an angle so it doesn’t foam up.

10. Place the glass down gently and viola enjoy!


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