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Prosecco: Which Wine Glass Should You Use?

Which wine glass should you use for Prosecco?

There is a general confusion about which wine glass you should use when drinking Prosecco or Champagne as in recent years, it’s more common for your fizz not to be served in the traditional flute. Why is this?

Well, there are 3 options when it comes to choosing a glass for bubbles; The Coupe: An elegant favourite. 2. The Flute: The go-to for Prosecco. An automatic assumption for Prosecco. 3. The Tulip Glass: The one the experts choose.

But which should you choose and why?

The Coupe:

Rumoured to have been modelled on Queen Marie Antionette’s left breast. However, sorry to burst your bubble but this is a myth due to historical timings. The coupe is an elegant cocktail glass designed in the mid-17th century in England that became popular in France in the 1700s and has remained the cocktail vessel of choice for many years.

A beautiful glass in style and very glamorous, but don’t choose this glass if you’re planning to sip your fizz throughout the evening, as the shallow bowl of the glass causes the bubbles to escape quicker than other glass styles, so sip swiftly and enjoys the bubbles if you’re drinking from a coupe!

This glass is also not the best for when you're on the dance floor or you've had a few too many and you end up losing all of your bubbles all over the floor - and end up wearing it. So save this classic glass for special dinner parties and seated occasions.

The Flute:

A traditional classic and the automatic assumption for Prosecco. This is a popular favourite for good reason, the shape of this glass ensures your bubbles last for as long as possible, so pick this wine if you are enjoying a glass over a period of time. However, this is not the glass used in Prosecco by wine-making fizz experts… But why?

The Tulip:

This is the most popular style of glass chosen for bubbles in Prosecco and Champagne and might surprise you as it’s also the glass you’ll use for white wine. The tulip shape allows the glass to hold all the aromas in the cloud of the top of the tulip and allows you to enjoy the wine from the nose too - which is why wine lovers choose a tulip glass over a flute glass because it enables the wine to be enjoyed through other senses.

The top of the flute glass is narrow and doesn’t allow the aromas of the wine to be appreciated as much as it does when you drink from a tulip glass (or even a coupe).

So next time you pour your favourite fizz, try it from a tulip/white wine glass and let me know how you get on!

Remember, always pour the wine to the widest point in the glass!

Elizabeth x


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