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Wine Glass Rules: My Top Tips

Wine glass rules and my top tips!

I have some important top tips when it comes to planning, prepping and protecting your beloved glassware collection.

Tip 1: DO get your glasses out in advance. If you're having a dinner party or friends round for the evening, get your glassware ready in advance, and have them ready on the table or side so you're not rushing to get them out of the cupboard when everyone starts arriving.

Tip 2: Do NOT wash your wine glasses up by hand. Especially on the night of the party, when you’ve been enjoying wine! Always leave them until the morning to avoid breakages.

Tip 3: DO put your wine glasses in the dishwasher. I always put my glasses in the dishwasher and do not wash them by hand as it saves polishing them and from accidentally breaking them from being too heavy-handed or dropping them in the sink.

Will you use using these glassware tips going forward? Let me know on Instagram or TikTok: @ElizabethWineGirl


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